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On the ground, under the ground, up in the air.

Site Drainage

Sending the water where it belongs.


  • The Beginning

    Everyone has a "bad contractor" story. It's our intent to help change people's minds about contractors.

    TOI was started in November of 2010 by Phil Crow and Shayne Mathes as our way getting a small piece of the American Dream. For nearly 2 years, we worked weekends and holidays on TOI projects, working at full-time jobs during the week. On October 1st, 2012, we decided to take the business full-time. Since then, we have been working diligently to provide high-quality projects for our clients.

  • Mission Statement

    At Titans Of Industry, we want to change people'sminds about contractors.

  • Things we want people to know about us:

    1. TOI is an employee-owned company that requires owners to get their hands dirty.

    2. On every job, every day, there will be someone on-site with comprehensive decision-making authority.

    3. TOI strives to maintain a flat organization that focuses more on accountability and good sense and less on policy and paperwork.

    4. It is our desire to have a company that creates value for the customer by directly incentivizing every employee on every job, every day. Employees make excellent salaries, the company turns a profit and the customer gets more built for their dollar.

    5. We just want to build stuff.

  • Things we DON'T want people to know about us:


    2. Exactly.

The Team

Shayne Mathes


Phil Crow


Clark Barton

Project Manager/Estimator

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